Adjustments to Weekly Racing Divisions for 2010

October 22, 2009 at 1:20 PM

The 2009 season is barely over and preparations are well underway for 2010 at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex.

016_16.jpgAmong the changes that will be implemented at Holland will be making the strictly stock 4-cylinder Hornets and Queen Bees full NASCAR divisions. Drivers in these divisions will now have the full benefit of NASCAR insurance coverage as well as eligibility for a NASCAR point fund of $2000. In addition, with recent changes in NASCAR driver eligibility rules, 14 and 15 year old drivers are now allowed in all but the headline/premier divisions, so that young racers looking for a start in the sport are welcomed to compete.

As far as on track action with these classes, the Hornets and Queen Bees will no longer run separate events, but rather a combined feature race, with separate points and pay-offs. Female drivers will have the option of declaring themselves as a either Hornet class driver or Queen Bee class driver prior to the start of the season.

005_5.jpgAnother part of the re-organizing plan is the decision to no longer continue running the Pro Four class as part of the weekly program due to low car counts over the past four seasons. "This was not a decision we made lightly," noted General Manager Tim Bennett. "The Pro Fours put on some excellent racing, but the number of entries in this class over the past few years was slim, and with some of the 2009 Pro Four drivers already planning on moving into other divisions, there would not have been enough of a core to keep this as a viable class." Drivers who had planned on staying in the Pro Four class are being offered an incentive package to move to another class in order to remain at Holland. Such drivers may contact the Holland office at 716-237-2272 to find out more information.

The regular divisional line-up at Holland in 2010 will include the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SST Pro Modifieds, Late Models of Tomorrow, Chargers, Figure 8 Cars, and the Hornets/Queen Bees. Final 2010 rules for these divisions will be released in the coming weeks.