Fiebelkorn and Johnson Each Earn Consecutive Wins

July 18, 2010 at 2:03 PM

Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. and T.J. Johnson are both on a roll at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex, as both past track champs made third consecutive visits to victory lane at the Western New York oval on Saturday evening, July 17th. Fiebelkorn, of Elma, NY, took the honors in the 40 lap NASCAR Pro Modified main, which was another round of the Holland-Spencer Sportsman Modified Challenge Series, while Johnson, of South Wales, NY, earned the checkers in the 25 lap feature race for the Late Models of Tomorrow.

Other winners on Kwik-Fill Night at the Complex included Zach Myers of East Concord, NY, who notched Bank of Holland Charger win number two of the year, Jim "Timex" Morgan of Churchville, NY who scored a first career Holland win in the Casey’s TQ Midget Series main, George Quintana of Eden, NY, who rolled to win number three of 2010 in the 4-cylinder Hornet race, and Jason Adams of Glenwood, NY, who raced to his second M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car win of the year.

Fiebelkorn had a smooth drive in a fast ZJ’s Family Restaurant/Fiebelkorn Collision mount to take advantage of an uninterrupted green flag run over the final 27 laps of the NASCAR Pro Modified main. After Tim Welshans and Jeff Ruddy battled for the lead early in the event, Amy Catalano was able to take advantage of a lap nine restart to motor by Ruddy for the top slot. Fiebelkorn raced by Ruddy for second a lap later. Following a yellow for a Buck Catalano-Patrick Emerling front stretch skirmish, Fiebelkorn worked the outside groove on the lap 14 restart to power by Amy Catalano for the lead, then simply drove away from the field. At the checkers, Fiebelkorn held a 3/4 straightaway advantage over Catalano, who in turn, had a full straight cushion over third place Ruddy.

It took T.J. Johnson a little bit longer to get to the front of the Late Models of Tomorrow main. Mike Ticco and rookie Brandon Glover raced for the lead early, before Eldon King III was able to slip by Ticco for the top spot on the tenth circuit. A lap later, Johnson moved by Ticco into the number two slot. Three yellow flags in a six lap period around the event’s mid-point kept the field tight, but on the final restart on lap 19, Johnson was able to race his Trank Real Estate and Insurance Monte Carlo around King and open up a five car length lead which he held to the checkers. King placed second, while Glover had his best finish of the year, outdueling Ticco for the number three spot.

Rich Carnes had a strong run early in the 30 lap Bank of Holland Charger main, getting by Al Grimmer on the 2nd lap and leading over the first half of the event. However, a lap 15 yellow flag, brought out when Jim Stein, making his first Holland start of the year, lost the rear end of his racer, proved to be the great equalizer. On the restart, Zach Myers motored his Upstate Automotive Group/TW Signs Malibu under Carnes for the lead, with three time winner Dave Krawczyk taking second two laps later. Krawczyk quickly moved forward to attempt to snag the lead on a couple of occasions, but Myers was up to the challenge and held on for a car length margin of victory at the checkered flag. Jim Loffredo bested a tight three car late race tussle for third, just ahead of Ted Welshans and Carnes.

The early stages of the 20 lap Casey’s TQ Midget main event featured some incredible action, as nine cars in a pack were going at it for the top slot before Jamie Collard was able to emerge out in front on lap eight. Bobby Holmes and Timex Morgan took up the battle for second behind Collard, with Morgan prevailing by the eleventh circuit. A mid-pack three car scramble on the 12th lap brought out the yellow, and on the restart, Morgan was able to work his After Hours Imaging/Dunkin Donuts Laffler chassis to the inside of Collard, and two laps later, firmly take command. Morgan then opened up some breathing room over the remaining laps for his first Holland win and his second consecutive Series win. Collard placed second, while Justin Mapes scored a solid third.

Bob Marzec led the opening laps of the 30 lap 4-cylinder Hornet feature race, before Jason Adams was able to chase him down and take the lead on lap 14. In the meantime, George Quintana was weaving his Klispie Motorsports/Boston Deli Nissan through the 24 car field from his 19th starting spot, and on the 19th go-round slipped under Adams for the lead. The only caution of the event, for a lap 22 Chris Powers spin, put defending champ Eric Brown on Quintana’s tail, and on the restart, Brown took to the high road to momentarily steal the lead. Quintana came right back to re-take the lead a lap later and opened up some ground en route to the victory, holding a five car length margin over Brown at the checkers. Sylvia Miszczak had another strong outing, placing third overall and earning the Queen Bee win as the first female driver across the finish line.

Jason Adams had a better go of it in the 12 lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car dash. Adams took advantage of traffic at the "x" to squeeze by Dave Reese, Jr. for the lead on lap six, then handled the cross road hazards masterfully over the remaining distance to roll away to an uncontested victory. The Marzec Brothers put on the show for second, as Bob Marzec made a last lap pass on brother Eric for the position.

News and Notes

Despite some weather issues around Western New York on Saturday, only a short five minute sprinkle during pre-race practice interrupted the proceedings - the rest of the evening proved to be a beautiful summer’s night, and the largest stock car program crowd of the season thus far was on hand to enjoy the show ... Camden Barber had "one of those nights" in his TQ Midgets - Cam lost the drive shaft in his own car during his qualifying heat, and hopped aboard teammate Nelson Rung’s ride to start the feature, only to have that car suffer from terminal overheating ... Rick Roth was forced to trailer his Charger early after pre-race practice mechanical problems ... Good couple of outings for the 4-cylinder Hornets and Queen Bees, as after a caution-free race a week earlier, only one yellow flag for a lap 22 spin and stall interrupted this race - that made for 52 consecutive caution free laps for the full fields of entry level racers .... As part of the Kwik-Fill Night promotion, the Marcos Ambrose Kwik-Fill Sprint Cup show car was on display in the grandstand concourse area ... welcome back to Bill Lutz, making his first Hornet start since his rugged wreck early this season.

RESULTS SUMMARY - July 17, 2010 -

NASCAR PRO MODIFIEDS - Holland-Spencer Sportsman Modified Challenge Series Event - 40 laps: 1. (started 8th) MIKE FIEBELKORN, JR., 2. (6) Amy Catalano, 3. (4) Jeff Ruddy, 4. (10) Joe Evans, 5. (7) Buck Catalano, 6. (2) Tim Welshans, 7. (1) Don King, 8. (3) Fred Taylor, 9. (11) Dick Kluth, 10. (5) Kevin Miller, 11. (9) Patrick Emerling. Heat Race Winners: Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr., Patrick Emerling.

LATE MODELS of Tomorrow - 25 laps: 1. (started 7th) T.J. JOHNSON, 2. (6) Eldon King III, 3. (1) Brandon Glover, 4. (2) Mike Ticco, 5. (5) Nick Crassi, 6. (10) Dave Catalano, 7. (9) Sean Dolan, 8. (4) Josh Hathaway, 9. (3) J.D. Roberts, 10 (8) Jason Gwin,

Bank of Holland CHARGERS - 30 laps: 1. (started 10th) ZACH MYERS, 2. (13) Dave Krawczyk, 3. (7) Jim Loffredo, 4. (6) Ted Welshans, 5. (3) Rich Carnes, 6. (5) Jerry Kosmowski, 7. (2) Mark Harsch, 8. (4) Nik Welshans, 9. (9) Rob Miszczak, 10. (1) Al Grimmer, 11. (8) Matt Hoctor, 12. (12) Jim Stein, 13. (14) John Carlson, 14. (11) Ken Ryskiewicz. Did Not Start: Rick Roth.

Casey's TQ MIDGETS Series - 20 laps: 1. (started 14th) TIMEX MORGAN, 2. (9) Jamie Collard, 3. (7) Justin Mapes, 4. (11) Bobby Holmes, 5. (3) Kent Turnbull, 6. (10) Scott Kreutter, 7. (5) Jim Fleischman, 8. (1) Jonathon Reid, 9. (4) Hayden Newcomb, 10. (8) Dean McConnaughey, 11. (12) Lou Ingalls, 12. (17) Eric Musto, 13. (13) Charlie DiRosa, 14. (20) A.J. Hessler, 15. (2) Owen Bednasz, 16. (18) Gordon Steffan, 17. (6) Wayne Turnbull, 18. (15) Kyle Hutchinson, 19. (19) Camden Barber, 20. (16) Arik McGruder. Did Not Start: Nelson Rung, Tom Maplesdon. Heat Race Winners: Timex Morgan, Kent Turnbull.

4_Cylinder HORNETS/QUEEN BEES - 30 laps: 1. (started 19th) GEORGE QUINTANA, 2. (16) Eric Brown, 3. (1st Queen Bee) (18) Sylvia Miszczak, 4. (2nd Queen Bee) (23) Ashley Kirchberger, 5. (17) Jason Adams, 6. (13) Tony Carbone, 7. (2) Bob Marzec, 8. (3) Bill Lutz, 9. (3rd Queen Bee) (8) Samantha Lutz, 10. (22) Waylon Price, 11. (15) Jammer Meuckl, 12. (14) Eric Marzec, 13. (12) Dave Reese, Jr., 14. (11) Ben Russo, 15. (5) Dylan Carbone, 16. (6) Butcher Palmer, 17. (4) Jeff Szafraniec, 18. (9) Chris Powers, 19. (7) Joe Mastrocicco III, 20. (24) Jerry Toms, 21. (4th Queen Bee) (10) Elaine Pimpo, 22. (20) Chad Pusloski, 23. (1) Joe Merlino, 24. (21) John Blinston.

M&M U-Pull-It FIGURE 8 CARS - 12 laps: 1. (started 7th) JASON ADAMS, 2. (9) Bob Marzec, 3. (3) Eric Marzec, 4. (8) Scott Pastorius, 5. (4) Joe Merlino, 6. (2) Butcher Palmer, 7. (1) Joe Mastrocicco III, 8. (5) Eric Brown, 9. (10) Jerry Toms, 10. (6) Dave Reese, Jr.