Fiebelkorn, Johnson, Myers, Barber Top June 12th Winners List

June 13, 2010 at 2:07 PM

Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. of Eden, NY was delcared the winner of the NASCAR Pro Modified main at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex on Saturday evening, June 12th. The race was round 4 of the Holland-Spencer Challenge Series.

In other Holland Saturday action, 2008 Late Models of Tomorrow champ T.J. Johnson of South Wales, NY rolled to his first Late Model win of the year, Zach Myers of East Concord, NY notched his first Bank of Holland Chargers win of the year, and Camden Barber scored the victory in the 20 lap run for the Casey’s TQ Midget Series. George Quintana of Eden, NY made it two straight wins in the 4-cylinder Hornet class, while Jason Adams of East Aurora, NY took the honors in the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car main.

Patrick Emerling led all 40 of the NASCAR Pro Modified main, but failed to pass the post-race tech inspection.

The intense Pro Mod racing action was taking place behind Emerling for what turned out to be the top slot. Joe Evans motored into that position on lap 6, holding off challenges at various times from Jeff Hamman, Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr., Chuck Anderson, and Andy Jankowiak - Jankowiak was piloting the Don King racer after suffering engine woes in his own car the previous evening at Wyoming County. Kirk Totten entered this mix in the second half of the race, but on lap 26, things became a little too tight, as Totten and Evans made contact, collecting Anderson in the process - all three were done for the night. Over the final 14 circuits, Fiebelkorn and Jankowiak put on a great race for the position, racing side-by-side for most of the distance, with Fiebelkorn edging Jankowiak by a half car length for the spot at the checkers. Kevin Miller came back from an early race scramble to place third in the final run-down.

Nick Crassi led the first ten laps of the Late Models of Tomorrow 25 lap main, before T.J Johnson was able to work his Trank Real Estate Monte Carlo underneath Crassi in turn four to take command. Johnson then steadily pulled away to hold a ten car length lead at the checkers. Opening night winner Dave Whittaker made a late race pass of Crassi to grab second, while Crassi had to settle for a third place showing.

Jim Loffredo led the first half of the 30 lap Bank of Holland Charger go before Zach Myers came calling - Loffredo and Myers then commenced a stirring side-by-side battle for the lead that lasted for seven circuits before Loffredo’s contact with a lapped car allowed Myers to snag the top slot in his TW Signs Malibu on lap 24. Myers then pulled away to take his first Holland checkers since his return to racing at the high banks a year ago after a long layoff. Two-time winner Dave Krawczyk slipped by Loffredo in the late going to claim second, with Loffredo following in third.

Camden Barber powered under Kent Turnbull for the lead on lap 5 of the Casey’s TQ Midget Series feature race, with Dave Wollaber blasting into second on a lap 8 restart. Barber and Wollaber then proceeded to run away and hide from the balance of the field, with Barber pulling away from Wollaber over the final five circuits en route to the checkers. Timex Morgan drove a steady race to place third.

Opening night winner Eric Brown had to drop out of the 30 lap 4-cylinder Hornet/Queen Bee race while leading on lap ten with engine woes, leaving Waylon Price, Frank Nellist, and Sylvia Miszczak to fight it out for the top spot. George Quintana steadily worked his way to this front pack from the 12th starting spot in his Boston Deli Nissan and edged underneath Price for the lead on the 28th go-round en route to his second consecutive win. Price crossed the line in second, but surrendered that spot after post-race tech inspection. Ashley Kirchberger, who battled back from an early race stop-and-go penalty, was credited with second overall and was the first Queen Bee driver across the line, just ahead of Sylvia Miszczak.

Jason Adams led all 12 laps of the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car main, keeping a challenging Joe Merlino at bay throughout. Mike Eckam was third.

The evening started with the annual "Teacher Feature" race, as 18 area educators took to the track in Speedway provided 4-cylinder strictly stock cars in fund-raising efforts for their schools. In the six car finale, Martin Benz of West Valley, NY Central School, held off a persistent Mike Weston of Genesee Community College for the win.

NASCAR PRO MODIFIEDS – Holland_Spencer Series Event #4 – 40 laps: 1. (started 11th) MIKE FIEBELKORN, JR , 2. (9) Andy Jankowiak, 3. (5) Kevin Miller, 4. (12) Jeff Ruddy, 5. (8) Amy Catalano, 6. (1) Tim Welshans, 7. (13) Dick Kluth, 8. (4) Jeff Hamman, 9. (10) Kirk Totten, 10. (7) Chuck Anderson, 11. (6) Joe Evans, 12. (3) Fred Taylor. DQ: Patrick Emerling (started 2nd). Heat Race Winners: Kirk Totten, Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr.

LATE MODELS of Tomorrow – 25 laps: 1. (started 3rd) T.J. JOHNSON, 2. (4) Dave Whittaker, 3. (1) Nick Crassi, 4. (2) Eldon King III, 5. (8) J.D. Roberts, 6. (5) Brandon Glover, 7. (6) Josh Hathaway, 8. (7) Jason Gwin. Did Not Start: Mike Ticco.

Bank of Holland CHARGERS – 30 laps: 1. (started 6th) ZACH MYERS, 2. (7) Dave Krawczyk, 3. (2) Jim Loffredo, 4. (5) Ted Welshans, 5. (11) Greg Miszczak, 6. (4) Jerry Kosmowski, 7. (1) Rich Carnes, 8. (3) Nik Welshans, 9. (16) Bill Wise, 10. (8) Tim Northem, 11. (10) Ken Ryskiewicz, 12. (12) Mike Weston, 13. (14) Matt Hoctor, 14. (13) Mark Harsch, 15. (9) Rick Roth, 16. (15) Mike Flaig.

Casey’s TQ MIDGET Series – 20 laps: 1. (started 5th) CAMDEN BARBER, 2. (7) Dave Wollaber, 3. (6) Timex Morgan, 4. (12) Justin Mapes, 5. (11) Bobby Holmes, 6. (1) Kent Turnbull, 7. (15) Dean McConnaughey, 8. (3) Charlie DiRosa, 9. (17) Jonathon Reid, 10. (9) Arik McGruder, 11. (2) Scott Kreutter, 12. (19) Eric Musto, 13. (16) Nelson Rung, 14. (4) Wayne Turnbull, 15. (13) Jamie Collard, 16. (21) Gordon Steffan, 17. (14) Wayne Baker, 18. (10) Chad Heywood, 19. (20) Kyle Hutchinson, 20. (18) Owen Bednasz, 21. (8) Shawn Nye. Did Not Start: Jim Fleischman. Heat Race Winners: Dave Wollaber, Camden Barber.

4_Cylinder HORNETS/QUEEN BEES – 30 laps: 1. (started 12th) GEORGE QUINTANA, 2. (1st Queen Bee) (7) Ashley Kirchberger, 3. (2nd Queen Bee) (8) Sylvia Miszczak, 4. (6) Frank Nellist, 5. (15) Tony Carbone, 6. (4) Jammer Meuckl, 7. (9) Jason Adams, 8. (17) Bob Marzec, 9. (1) Chris Powers, 10. (18) Joe Mastrocicco III, 11. (14) Jeff Szafraniec, 12. (16) Butcher Palmer, 13. (13) Dylan Carbone, 14. (5) Eric Marzec, 15. (19) Gary Camidge, 16. (3) Dave Reese, Jr., 17. (20) Joe Merlino, 18. (11) Eric Brown, 19. (3rd Queen Bee) (2) Samantha Lutz. DQ: Waylon Price (started 10th).

M&M U_Pull_It FIGURE 8 CARS – 12 laps: 1. (started 3rd) JASON ADAMS, 2. (2) Joe Merlino, 3. (4) Mike Eckam, 4. (5) Butcher Palmer, 5. (1) Scott Pastorius. Did Not Start: Dave Reese, Jr.