LAMOT Announces New President for 2011

November 04, 2010 at 11:05 AM

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TJ Johnson, No. 99, 2011 LAMOT Champion

Looking Ahead

Al Morrison, the current Technical Director at Holland Speedway with 17 years of experience in racing now has another title to his credit, President of LAMOT, the weekly late model division at Holland Speedway. He will be succeeding Gordy Trank, original founding member of LAMOT. On the state of the division, Morrison commented, “With three seasons complete, I feel the late models have a good foundation to build on thanks to the hard work of Gordy and the rest of the board. Looking forward, we are in a better position to assess various areas in the division more precisely than we could after the first two seasons. A good example of how some patience and pragmatism proved effective for the division is with the tires used each of the last three seasons.”

Morrison is referring to some of the speculation surrounding the Goodyear tires the board of directors chose before the first season in 2008. With seven rainouts and only five races completed that year, it was difficult to measure the true potential of the tires. In 2009, when Mother Nature was more forgiving and the division was able to complete 10 races, the capability of the tire became evident. One team even won a late season feature using left sides from 2008. Despite the progress, there were also a few teams trying to gain an edge by buying tires weekly. This exhausted the track’s supply prematurely and allowed the speculation to linger. Holland responded quickly that season by restocking their supply, but in order to prevent that rare occurrence and eliminate any remaining speculation on the durability of the tires, the LAMOT board enacted a rule that limited each team to 12 tires for the 2010 season. This turned out to be a success as most teams didn’t use the full allotment, thus saving money.

Gordy Trank expressed his confidence in Morrison, stating “He’s had an important role in the division since the beginning; add that experience to his time in racing and I think he’ll do an excellent job in 2011.” Trank commented on his time as President of the Board by saying, “I’m pleased with the steady increase in our average car count since 2008 and that we were able put financial feasibility in place, allowing new teams to not only get into asphalt late model racing but to do so on a weekly basis. We’ve had eight rookie teams since 2008, which is good for the sustainability of any division, but what I’m even more pleased with is that those rookie teams competed in 90% of the races.”

Rookie participation is a big accomplishment as Trank described. Many tracks and divisions in the region have experienced a limited number of teams willing to take on the challenge of moving up to compete weekly. Opening day is set for May 28, 2011 at Holland Speedway. Until then, it will be up to the LAMOT board to build upon the success of the last three years and the feedback from competitors and racing affiliates in and outside of New York State, including Canada, that have sent their praise, comments and suggestions.