Memorial Day Tribute

May 22, 2010 at 1:49 PM

soldierandflag.jpgDear Dad,

I didn't forget that you served our country to protect me and my family.
I didn't forget the sleepless nights you had overseas so that I can rest at night knowing our country is safe.

tscank8y14.jpgI didn't forget that YOU were there, to see the devastation.
I didn't forget that you were too many times the last hand a young soldier held.
I know you don't forget, like many soldiers, it's there, embedded in your mind like a scar.

tscanjag31.jpgYou are a hero.
Many times the wounds a soldier brings back aren't obvious.
Sometimes it's in your dreams, sometimes it's cancer, loss of hearing, a lost friend.
Sometimes it is an obvious wound...a lost limb or head injury.

tscavtq2p9.jpgI wish I could on this Memorial Day, heal all the soldiers and their families. I would love to erase the bad memories and make you whole again. For now, I will hug you Dad everytime I see you. I will pray every night for every soldier, veteran and their families. I will stand and salute the Flag of the United States of America as I proudly (perhaps a little out of tune) belt out the National Anthem whenever it is performed. I will shake the hand of every soldier I meet and thank them with the most sincere appreciation. And I will teach this respect to my children.


fourbranches.jpgI know on this Memorial Day many are going to enjoy picnics and spend time with family and friends. I will remember most those who are not able to. Those serving overseas, those who are in hospitals and nursing homes and those who have not made it back home will be in my thoughts and prayers on this day.
Thank you. I love you! and God Bless America!

Your daughter

PS: In honor of all Veterans and Military members, you (and any American Veteran or Military member) are invited to enjoy a FREE night of NASCAR Racing at Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex on Saturday, June 12th. Just bring your ID to the ticket booth! It should be a great night of racing starting at 3:30 with the Teacher Feature Race, and NASCAR Racing starting after, featuring the Pro Modifieds, LAMOT, Chargers, Fig. 8's, Hornet-Queen Bees plus the TQ Midgets!

Check out the schedule:
Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex Veterans & Military Night on Saturday June 12th