A. Catalano, King, D. Wilson, Brown Lead Victory Parade

July 10, 2011 at 1:01 PM

Recovering from a near-disaster at mid-race, Amy Catalano of Ontario, NY made a late race pass of Joe Evans to claim her first National Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modified win of the season at the Holland Motorsports Complex on Saturday evening. After her sweep of the twin mains at Spencer Speedway on Friday evening, this gave Amy three victories for the weekend.

In other Holland action, Eldon King III of Freedom, NY took the win in a very rough-and-tumble Late Models of Tomorrow feature race, Dave Wilson, Jr. of Hamburg, NY made a rare Holland visit pay off with a victory in the Bank of Holland Charger main, and Camden Barber of Bliss, NY rolled to his third straight Holland win in the Casey’s TQ Midget Series feature. Jake Vernon of Hamburg, NY captured the victory in a special appearance by the INEX Legends, Eric Brown of Holland raced to the win in the 50 lap special for the 4-cylinder Hornets, and Jason Adams of East Aurora, NY notched the victory in the battle of the M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Cars.

Chuck Anderson and Joe Evans battled for the lead early in the 35 lap National Overhead Door NASCAR Pro Modified tilt, with Anderson prevailing over a couple of re-starts in the first 10 circuits. In the meantime, Andy Jankowiak, Amy Catalano, and Lexi Wilson were motoring forward into top five slots. However, Wilson’s race came to an early end with mechanical issues on the twelfth circuit, forcing a caution flag. On the ensuing restart, Evans was able to work under Anderson for the top spot, but two laps later, as Catalano and Jankowiak were racing side-by-side for third, a frame bolt on the Jankowiak mount broke, lurching his car into the Catalano ride. As Andy sparked to a halt, Amy wrestled an out-of control car and managed to keep it straight, although she dropped five positions in the process.

When the event restarted, Jankowiak remained pitside, but the yellow was back out a lap later for a spinning Dave Catalano. Jankowiak re-emerged from the pit area a lap down, as Evans and Anderson remained out front. A lap 19 yellow for a spinning Kirk Totten proved to the break Jankowiak was looking for as he was the recipient of the "lucky dog" designation as the front most car a lap down, and was placed back on the lead lap at the rear of the field. On the restart following this slowdown, Amy Catalano was back to fourth and wasted no time getting by the Neal Dietz, Jr. machine for third. A lap later, she managed to get her PJ Radiator/CP Ward machine by Anderson for the second spot, and set off in pursuit of Evans, tracking him down and slipping under for the top spot on the 32nd go-round. Two late race cautions bunched the field, and allowed Jankowiak to make a run back into the top five, as Andy managed to get by Evans for second to chase Catalano across the line at the checkers. Evans placed a solid third, with Dietz taking fourth, and Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. rounding out the top five after having to twice restart at the tail of the field.

Cars were bruised and battered at the conclusion of the 25 lap Late Models of Tomorrow feature race. Second year pilot J.D. Roberts was in the midst of the strongest run of his Late Model career, leading the opening laps, with Brandon Glover and T.J. Johnson in pursuit. As the lead trio came by the grandstand to complete lap eight, Johnson and Glover made contact on the inside and carried up into Roberts on the top side, with Roberts getting the worst of it as his mount clobbered the wall hard. The Roberts Impala needed to be cradled off, with Glover and Johnson returning after pit visits. Mike Ticco and Alan Fisher jousted for the lead on the restart, with Fisher prevailing, but again, the leader would end up on a double hook – as the leaders sailed into turn three on lap 19, Josh Hathaway and Jason Gwin tangled directly in front of them, and Fisher spun hard into the rails in a effort to avoid the pair.

Eldon King III, whose D&H Excavating ride was involved in a lap 1 four car scramble and was showing scars from that encounter, inherited the lead at that point, held off a challenge from Ticco on the restart, and drove on for his third victory lane visit of the year. Ticco lost what looked to be a certain runner-up finish when his machine ran out of fuel on the final lap, handing second to a resurgent T.J. Johnson. John McClurg, who was also involved in the lap one tangle, recovered to take third.

The 30 lap Bank of Holland Charger feature was a very competitive affair throughout. Jon Richael led the early going before giving way to Jason Eck on the twelfth lap. Rich Carnes and Tommy Catalano both worked by Richael, with Catalano finally getting the measure of Carnes for second. He immediately began to pressure Eck (who was having his strongest run of the season) for the lead. A lap 20 yellow for debris on the track slowed the pace, and on the restart, Catalano drove around Eck to grab the lead. At this time, Dave Wilson, Jr. was beginning to make his presence felt. Wilson started deep in the field in the Wilson Crane Service Buick, and had patiently motored his way forward. Wilson hustled by Eck for second on lap 22 and raced around Catalano for the top spot on the 24th lap. From that point on, it was all Wilson, as he added to his lead over the closing laps for the win. Catalano slowed over the last three laps with a fuel delivery problem, handing second place back to Eck, while Ted Welshans worked his way forward from a deep starting spot to claim third.

Shawn Nye and Eric Musto raced for the lead in the early stages of the 20 lap main for the Casey’s TQ Midget Series, but Camden Barber seems to have his Bliss Garage entry primed for the Holland high-banks, as he blasted by Musto for the lead on the fourth circuit. Once out on front, there was no stopping Barber, as he opened up a huge lead. A mid race yellow did nothing to diminish his dominance, as he quickly re-established command to hold a half-straight lead advantage at the checkers. A great battle was taking place behind Barber for second, as over the final six laps, Timex Morgan, Dave Wollaber, and Justin Mapes were dicing for the runner-up spot, with Morgan getting the position at the finish just ahead of Wollaber and Mapes.

In a caution-free 20 lap main for the visiting INEX Legends, Brandon DeBrakeleer and "Earthquake Jake" Vernon traded the lead over each of the first four laps before Vernon was able to take command for good. DeBrakeleer made consistent bids to the inside of Vernon, but was unable to again work his way alongside and had to settle for a close second place finish. Jeremy Haudricourt was lying in wait for a slip by either of the leaders that wouldn’t happen, and had to be content with a third place finish.

The 50 lap 4-cylinder Hornet special was highlighted by a great mid-race four car dance for the lead. Chris Powers led early, but Eric Brown, Tony Carbone, and Ben Russo all weaved through the field to engage Powers for the top slot, with Brown nosing out to the lead on the 24th lap. Carbone made a bid to get by Brown, but was rebuffed. Russo would then take up the challenge, and hounded Brown to the end, but was unable to make the pass. Powers ended up third, while Dylan Carbone made a late race charge to take fourth, and Ashley Kirchberger completed the top five.

Jason Adams maneuvered by Joe Mastrocicco III on the opening circuit of the 12 lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car main, and rolled away to his second win of the year in his Full Throttle Racing mount. Mastrocicco placed second, while Jason Eck, in a warm-up to his Charger run, took third.

News and Notes

Area highway superintendents had a go on the high-banks in speedway provided four cylinder cars - Dave Winter of the Town of North Collins, NY took the title as the 2011 "Road Warrior" ... Tim Welshans’ string of rotten luck continued, as he suffered terminal woes in pre-race practice and trailered early ... action was put on hold for about 20 minutes during the Late Model feature when a small electrical fire in the main concession stand forced a partial shut down of power, including the front chute track lights - the fire was extinguished, and power was restored without further incident.

07/09/11 Results Summary:

NASCAR National Overhead Door PRO MODIFIEDS –– 35 Laps: 1. AMY CATALANO (started 9th); 2. Andy Jankowiak (10); 3. Joe Evans (2); 4. Neal Dietz, Jr. (8); 5. Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. (11); 6. Chuck Anderson (1); 7. Joe Carbone (5); 8. Jeff Ruddy (6); 9. Don King (4); 10. Dave Johnson (12); 11. Kirk Totten (3); 12. Dave Catalano (7); 13. Lexi Wilson (13). Qualifying Race Winners: Kirk Totten, Joe Evans.

LATE MODELS of TOMORROW –– 25 Laps: 1. ELDON KING III (started 9th); 2. T. J. Johnson (10); 3. John McClurg (4); 4. Sean Dolan (1); 5. Nick Crassi (7); 6. Mike Ticco (8); 7. Josh Hathaway (2); 8. Jason Gwin (11); 9. Alan Fisher (6); 10. Brandon Glover (5); 11. J.D. Roberts (3). Qualifying Race Winners: Mike Ticco, J.D. Roberts.

Bank of Holland CHARGERS –– 30 Laps: 1. DAVE WILSON, JR. (started 18th); 2. Jason Eck (6); 3. Ted Welshans (13); 4. Jerry Kosmowski (8); 5. Rich Carnes (9); 6. Jim Loffredo (14); 7. Tommy Catalano (4); 8. Paul Alberti (20); 9. Kris Hamann (15); 10. Ben Harms (2); 11. Jon Richael (1); 12. Nik Welshans (11); 13. Tim Northem (3); 14. Mark Harsch (5); 15. Mike Flaig (12); 16. Jason Adams (21); 17. Bill Wise (17); 18. Matt Welshans (10); 19. Joe Fetzer (7); 20. Rob Pocobello (16); 21. Marty Hughes (19). Did Not Start: Tim Welshans. Qualifying Race Winners: Tommy Catalano, Matt Welshans.

Casey’s TQ MIDGET SERIES –– 20 Laps: 1. CAMDEN BARBER (started 6th); 2. Timex Morgan (12); 3. Dave Wollaber (20); 4. Justin Mapes (14); 5. Jim Fleischman (10); 6. Owen Bednasz (9); 7. Jamie Collard (7); 8. Jonathan Reid (19); 9. Shawn Nye (1); 10. Arik McGruder (8); 11. Ray Sands (13); 12. Charlie DiRosa (5); 13. Kyle Hutchinson (3); 14. Andy Jankowiak (22); 15. Eric Musto (2); 16. Ryan Hessler (4); 17. Chad Heywood (16); 18. Nelson Rung (11); 19. Hayden Newcomb (15); 20. Gordon Steffan (21); 21. Rich Salvemini (17); 22. Wayne Turnbull (18). Did Not Start: Travis Novotny. Qualifying Race Winners: Timex Morgan, Camden Barber.

INEX Legends –– 20 Laps: 1. JAKE VERNON (started 3rd ); 2. Brandon DeBrakeleer (1); 3. Jeremy Haudricourt (2); 4. Jake Hannahs (5); 5. Bryce Norton (7); 6. Brad Salatino (4); 7. Carl Vilardo IV (9); 8. Brett Coon (7); 9. Charlie Neumann (8). Qualifying Race Winner: Brandon DeBrakeleer.

4-cyl. HORNETS –– 50 Laps: 1. ERIC BROWN (started 15th); 2. Ben Russo (16); 3. Chris Powers (6); 4. Dylan Carbone (1); 5. Ashley Kirchberger (14); 6. Tony Carbone (12); 7. Sylvia Miszczak (13); 8. Bob Marzec (7); 9. Jeff Szafraniec (11); 10. Waylon Price (9); 11. Kim Skoney (20); 12. Kyle Skoney (19); 13. Jerry Toms (4); 14. Bill Lutz (10); 15. John Blinston (18); 16. Samantha Lutz (2); 17. Joe Mastrocicco III (3); 18. Nikki Kirchberger (17); 19. Lou Carbone (8); 20. Jason Adams (21); 21. David Warrior (5). Qualifying Race Winners: Eric Brown; Ashley Kirchberger.

M&M U-Pull-It FIGURE 8 CARS –– 12 Laps: 1. JASON ADAMS (started 4th); 2. Joe Mastrocicco III (1); 3. Jason Eck (3); 4. Bob Marzec (6); 5. Kyle Skoney (8); 6. Scott Pastorius (5); 7. Jerry Toms (2); 8. Bill Lutz (7).