June 18 Winners - Hamann and Fiebelkorn

June 19, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Kris Hamann of East Aurora, NY scored what, to this point, is the biggest win in his young career with the victory in the Bank of Holland 50 lap special for the Charger division at the Holland Motorsports Complex on Saturday evening, June 18th. In the National Overhead Door Pro Modified feature go, 2010 Holland champ Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. of Eden, NY rebounded after a rugged outing the previous Saturday by finding victory lane for the first time in 2011.

In other Holland action, defending Late Models of Tomorrow titleist T.J. Johnson of South Wales, NY notched his first win of the season, Camden Barber of Bliss, NY roared to his second straight Casey’s TQ Midget Series win, Ben Russo of Lancaster, NY took his first career 4-cylinder Hornet win, and Bob Marzec of South Wales, NY survived a crazy M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car last lap to hold on for the win.

Hamann started his Jan-Cen Motorsports/Hennessey’s Bar & Grill Impala fourth in the 20 car field, and spent the first few circuits letting things settle in before making his move on the sixth lap to scoot under early race leader Tim Northem. Hamann began to open up a lead, but then "the Cowboy," Mike Flaig came calling. Flaig had worked his way to second on the seventh lap, and quickly made up ground on Hamann to challenge. However, Hamann, a former top runner in the Mini Cup division, was able to keep Flaig at bay and re-establish a solid lead margin. The first 47 laps of the race ran caution-free, allowing Hamann to add to his lead over the distance. However, the late-race yellow flag for fluid ofnthe track from an overheating Rob Pocobello car gave Flaig and a fast-closing Greg Miszczak a final chance to steal the win. However, Hamann was up to the task, and kept ahead of his nearest rivals to earn his first ever Holland Charger victory. Flaig held off Miszczak for the runner-up slot. However, Miszczak forfieited the third place showing when his Monte Carlo came up light at the post-race inspection. This put Ted "Big Show" Welshans in third, after racing in the top five over the last 40 laps.

Numerous yellow flags over the first ten laps kept the field tight in the 35 lap National Overhead Door Pro Modified main, with Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr. edging his ZJ’s Family Restaurant/Ron Gier Excavating mount by Dave Catalano on the eighth lap for the top slot. The final 25 circuits ran caution-free though, allowing Fiebelkorn to open up a wide lead as he sprinted away for a victory margin of over half a straightaway. The "dueling spouses," Dave and Amy Catalano were putting on a show for second, with Amy finally getting by Dave for the runner-up spot on the 24th go-round. However, she was unable to make-up any ground on the high-flying Fiebelkorn. Dave Catalano held off a late race challenge from Patrick Emerling to claim third, while veteran driver Joe Carbone came out of retirement to compete in his first ever open-wheeled race and acquitted himself well with a fifth place showing in the Stevenson family machine.

Sean Dolan and Mike Ticco battled for the lead early in the 25 lap Late Models of Tomorrow run, with Ticco getting under Dolan for good on the seventh lap, and bringing T.J. Johnson along with him into second. Two time winner Eldon King III had his chance at a three-peat effectively eliminated when he was caught up in a lap nine tangle with Brandon Glover. On the restart after that incident, Johnson was able to power his Trank Real Estate Impala under Ticco for the lead, and drove away for his first feature win of the year. Ticco capped off his best run of 2011 with a runner-up finish, while Nick Crassi took third place for the third consecutive outing.

In a virtual repeat performance from the prior week, Camden Barber jumped into the lead on the initial lap of the 20 lap Casey’s TQ Midget Series main, and started to open up a wide lead in his Bliss Garage entry. The race was halted on lap 5 for a violent incident on the back chute, when veteran Wayne Turnbull caught a wheel on the Andy Jankowiak racer and launched into a series of barrel rolls. Wayne was able to exit the racer under his own power. After a second slow-down for another incident two laps later, Dave Wollaber tried giving Barber a run for the lead, but Barber only need one lap to re-establish command and simply drove away over the final 13 laps for a full straightaway margin of victory. Over the final ten laps, Wollaber and defending Series champ Justin Mapes diced for second, with Wollaber able to hold the spot at the finish.

Ben Russo has had a number of top five runs over the last year of racing in the 4-cylinder Hornet division, and the previous Saturday, fell less than a car length short of a first win. This time around, there was no mistaking that Russo was out for the elusive first win, as he dove his Dice Racing/Transitowne USA Honda under Chris Powers and Dylan Carbone in a daring three wide move on lap sixteen, survived a restart challenge from Tony Carbone with seven to go, and powered away for the victory in the 30 lap go. Tony Carbone bested a tight four car tussle for second in the late going, holding off two-time winner Eric Brown, Ashley Kirchberger, and Jeff Szafraniec for the spot.

In a bruising 12 lap M&M U-Pull-It Figure 8 Car event, the top four cars all came together rounding the final turn, with cars spinning, sliding, and slamming throughout - somehow, Bob Marzec, who led going into that final turn, managed to get his car sliding sideways across the finish line just ahead of a similarly sliding Jason Eck to pull off the win.

In the annual "Faster Pastor" race, postponed from it’s original May 30th date, Pastor Ron Friedersdorf of Victory Christian Church became the events first back-to-back winner, adding this year’s victory to his 2010 win. Friedersdorf led all eight laps in the 6 car championship race. A total of 16 entries took part.

News and Notes

The Bank of Holland "Gold Rush," the annual penny hunt for the youngsters, was featured before the start of the racing program, as this annual popular event again drew a large turn out of kids searching the infield grass for their "gold" ....Although Ted and Matt Welshans were able to record a third and a sixth in the official Charger 50 finishing order, their brothers Tim and Nik were not as fortunate - Tim, who has been fighting power plant problems all season, was forced to trailer his ride after his heat race, while Nik had his engine go up in smoke during his qualifier, ending his night early ... A busy and successful day for the "Madman," Marty Hughes, who was occupied early in preparing the 4-cylinder cars used in the Faster Pastor race, then motored from the 20th starting spot to place fourth in the official finish order in the Charger 50 ... Sean Dolan picked up his first ever Holland checkered of any sort when he captured the first Late Model qualifier ... "Hard Charging" Chuck Anderson made his first appearance of the year, but the veteran driver was caught up in a rugged lap 10 scramble with Jeff Ruddy during the Pro Mod main ... Not a great day for the Turnbull family - not only did Wayne endure his rough ride, but son Kent was involved in a qualifying race incident which ended his night early ... Interesting night for the Carbone clan - not only did Joe make his return to racing, but at one point in the Hornet feature, four of the top five slots were held by Carbone entries, before Lou Carbone and cousin Chris Powers were forced out of action.

6/18/11 Results Summary:

Bank of Holland CHARGERS –– 50 Laps: 1. (started 4th) KRIS HAMANN; 2. (5) Mike Flaig; 3. (10) Ted Welshans; 4. (20) Marty Hughes; 5. (11) Jerry Kosmowski; 6. (13) Matt Welshans; 7. (15) Tommy Catalano; 8. (8) Rich Carnes; 9. (12) Jim Loffredo; 10. (2) Tim Northem; 11.(19) Jason Adams; 12. (1) Jon Richael; 13. (17) Bill Wise; 14. (7) Mark Harsch; 15. (14) Rob Pocobello; 16. (16) Jack Warrior, Jr.; 17. (6) Joe Fetzer; 18. (9) Jason Eck; 19. (3) Ben Harms. DQ: Greg Miszczak (crossed line 3rd –– started 18th). Did Not Start: Tim Welshans, Nik Welshans. Heat Race Winners: Mike Flaig, Kris Hamann.

NASCAR National Overhead Door PRO MODIFIEDS –– 35 Laps: 1. (started 7th) MIKE FIEBELKORN, JR; 2. (6) Amy Catalano; 3. (1) Dave Catalano; 4. (8) Patrick Emerling; 5. (11) Joe Carbone; 6. (10) Andy Jankowiak; 7. (2) Joe Evans; 8. (9) Neal Dietz, Jr.; 9. (12) Chuck Anderson; 10. (5) Jeff Ruddy; 11. (13) Dave Johnson; 12. (3) Kirk Totten; 13. (4) Don King. Heat Race Winners: Mike Fiebelkorn, Jr., Amy Catalano.

LATE MODELS of TOMORROW –– 25 Laps: 1. (started 8th) T. J. JOHNSON; 2. (3) Mike Ticco; 3. (6) Nick Crassi; 4. (7) Alan Fisher; 5. (10) Eldon King III; 6. (5) John McClurg; 7. (4) Brandon Glover; 8. (11) J. D. Roberts; 9. (1) Sean Dolan; 10. (2) Josh Hathaway; 11. (9) Jason Gwin. Heat Race Winners: Sean Dolan, Eldon King III.

Casey’s TQ MIDGET SERIES –– 20 Laps: 1. (started 2nd ) CAMDEN BARBER; 2. (11) Dave Wollaber; 3. (9) Justin Mapes; 4. (5) Arik McGruder; 5. (10) Timex Morgan; 6. (7) Owen Bednasz; 7. (8 ) Jim Fleischman; 8. (6) Jonathan Reid; 9. (12) Ray Sands; 10. (1) Dean McConnaughey; 11. (16) Kyle Hutchinson; 12. (18) Nelson Rung; 13. (13) Chad Heywood; 14. (15) Rich Salvemini; 15. (14) Eric Musto; 16. (17) Charlie DiRosa; 17. (19) Gordon Steffan; 18. (21) Ryan Hessler; 19. (20) Shawn Nye; 20. (4) Andy Jankowiak; 21. (3) Wayne Turnbull. Did Not Start: Kent Turnbull. Heat Race Winners: Wayne Turnbull, Camden Barber.

4-cyl. HORNETS –– 30 Laps: 1. (started 14th) BEN RUSSO; 2. (10) Tony Carbone; 3. (15) Eric Brown; 4. (13) Ashley Kirchberger; 5. (7) Jeff Szafraniec; 6. (12) Sylvia Miszczak; 7. (2) Dylan Carbone; 8. (11) Bill Lutz; 9. (8) Waylon Price; 10. (3) Bob Marzec; 11. (5) David Warrior; 12. (4) Jerry Toms; 13. (16) John Blinston; 14. (17) Nikki Kirchberger; 15. (9) Lou Carbone; 16. (6) Chris Powers; 17. (1) Joe Mastrocicco III.

M&M U-Pull-It FIGURE 8 CARS –– 12 Laps: 1. (started 2nd) BOB MARZEC; 2. (6) Jason Eck; 3. (4) Scott Pastorius; 4. (1) Bill Lutz; 5. (3) Eric Brown; 6. (5) Jason Adams; 7. (7) Jerry Toms; 8. (8) Nikki Kirchberger.

"FASTER PASTOR" –– 8 Lap Final: Ron Friedersdorf, Victory Christian Church