Jake Vernon Wins Budweiser 100

June 09, 2014 at 9:30 AM

“Earthquake” Jake Vernon from Hamburg, NY won the rescheduled Budweiser 100 on Saturday at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex presented by Try-It Distributing, NOCO Express Shops, Rupp Overhead Doors and the Boston Deli. Other winners include Dave Whittaker from Orchard Park, NY scoring his second NASCAR Late Model feature event. Dave Wilson Jr from Hamburg, NY picked up his first Bank of Holland Chargers victory of the season. Andy Nye from Lancaster, NY picked up his second NYPA TQ Midget feature of the season. Louis Carbone from Buffalo, NY earned his first victory of the season for the 4 Cylinder Hornets. Kathie Ricketson from Varysburg, NY picked up her second straight Future 4’s victory. Jason Adams from Glenwood, NY scored his third M&M U Pull-It Figure 8 car main of the season.


Third generation driver Camden Barber and Kevin Miller led the stout field of Getzoni Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds to the green flag for the Budweiser 100 and it was Miller clearing Barber for the lead on the opening go around. Joe Evans raced his way into second and Tommy Catalano rocketed into third in the early stages. Bobby Martin came to a stop on the top of turn one to slow the field down for the first time on lap two. The early restart saw Miller and Evans on the front row and Evans was able to clear Miller for the lead on lap seven. With Evans out front, Tommy Catalano moved into second with mom Amy racing her way into third, shifting Miller back to fourth.

Tommy Catalano went underneath Evans on lap 13 to take over the lead. On the following circuit, Amy Catalano moved into second. At the races one-quarter point, it was Tommy and Amy Catalano racing one two with “Earthquake” Jake Vernon, “Downtown” Jeffrey Brown and Kevin Miller racing in the top five. Joe Evans’s great start came to a stop on the top side of turn two to slow the field down for the second time.

Jeff Brown moved into third off the restart and started to reel in the Catalano family up front but the battle was on for fifth spot between Mike Fiebelkorn Jr, Kevin Miller, Shawn Nye, and Neal Dietz Jr battling for position. With the field in single file formation, Bobby Martin and Tony Carbone came together on the front stretch to bring out the races third caution. During that caution, Camden Barber, Mike Fiebelkorn Jr went into the pits and made adjustments.

The restart saw the Catalanos racing one-two and it was Vernon, Brown and Shawn Nye racing in fifth. Nye would move into fourth on lap 48. At the races halfway mark, Tommy Catalano continued to show the way over Amy Catalano with Vernon, Nye and Jeff Brown in fifth. Kevin Miller was leading a four car pack including Wilbur Hebing, who passed Neal Dietz to move into seventh at the cross flags. Hebing was racing in the third Catalano Motorsports entry.

Amy reeled in her son Tommy with 19 remaining and it only took the 2011 NYS NASCAR Champion one circuit around the highbanks to pass her son and take over the race lead. Jeff Brown went to work on Jake Vernon for third just as Shawn Nye did the same with Kevin Miller for fifth place. While racing in second, Tommy Catalano spun his racer on his own on the exit of turn two to bring out the caution with six laps remaining. The late race restart saw Amy Catalano and Jake Vernon on the front row but the yellow lights immediately came back out as Wilbur Hebing, Mike Fiebelkorn Jr, Shawn Nye and Tony Carbone came together exiting turn four. Jake Vernon passed Amy Catalano for the lead with three laps remaining and Vernon held off Amy Catalano for essentially his biggest win of his young career to date with the victory.

Bill Osborn and Troy Williams led the NASCAR Late Models to the green flag with Williams showing the way early. Dave Whittaker and Dave Heitzhaus continued their battle in the qualifying heat in the feature go and Whittaker was able to grab second and go after Williams. Whittaker would wait his time and by lap ten, was able to pass Williams for the lead. Heitzhaus would move into second and would battle Whittaker for the lead for the duration of the 25 lap feature. Whittaker would hold off Heitzhaus to score his second Late Model win of the season.

Don Sitarski and Nik Welshans led the Bank of Holland Chargers to the green flag with Sitarski leading the opening lap. “The Big Show” Ted Welshans worked his way around Sitarski to take over the lead on lap two. Former divisional champion Dave Wilson Jr started eighth on the grid and raced his way into third early on and by lap 10, passed Dave Vona for second place. Nik Welshans would race Ken Maltby, among eight other drivers for a ten car race for fourth place. Kris Hamann survived the ten car race and moved into fourth just past the halfway point of the 30 lap main event. Wilson would slowly but surely reel in Welshans and the top two battled for the lead in the late going. Wilson would go underneath Welshans on lap 26 to take over the race lead. Wilson would pull away from Welshans to score his first win of the season. Dave Vona would cross the line in third and was followed by Eric Brown and Tom Northem.

Eric Musto and Charlie DiRosa led the NYPA TQ Midgets to the green flag for their 20 lap feature event with Musto showing the way early. Kyle Hutchinson was able to sneak around Musto to take over the point. Opening Night feature winner Andy Nye went around Hutchinson to grab the lead on lap six. Dave Wollaber spun his racer on lap eight to bring out the races first caution. On the restart, Nye was able to pull away from last week’s winner Jonathan Reid. Nick Groff looped his racer in turn two to bring out the caution with four laps remaining. The restart would see Nye pull away from Reid to pick up his second win of the season. Hayden Newcomb would finish third and was followed by Shawn Nye and Dave Wollaber.

Grant Hill and Butcher Palmer led the 4 Cylinder Hornets to the green flag and it was Palmer showing the way early. Louis Carbone moved into second as Jeff Szafraniec moved into third early on. Palmer would have the lead for the opening four circuits until Louis Carbone taking over the race lead and Szafraniec raced his way into second. Chris Powers would race his way into third, setting up a three car battle for the lead with Carbone and Szafraniec. Bob Palmer would come to a stop in turns three and four to bring out the races first caution on lap 16. The restart would see Carbone jump back out front. Powers and Hejna would make contact coming out of turn two and Powers would spin down the back stretch. The lap 21 restart would see Carbone and Bob Bogner lead the field back to racing and it was Bogner moving into the race lead. Louis Carbone would go to the outside and pass Bogner on the front stretch and pick up his first win of the season.

The Future 4’s were led to the green flag by Alex Deshaies and Mandie Orr. Deshaies would lead the opening go around and Kathie Ricketson would take over the lead on lap two. Ricketson would pull away from the field and score her second straight win.
Don Haskell and Joe Mastrocicco led the M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s to the green flag for their main event and it was Jason Adams leading the field when the field got onto the Figure 8 course for the first time. On a few occasions the field had to try to avoid getting hit at the “X” but it was Jason Adams pulling away to collect the win.

News and Notes

Scott Gleed had major contact with the front stretch wall at the start of his TQ Midget qualifying event. He walked away under his own power. A season high nine Late Models were on hand and included veteran competitors Dave Heitzhaus and Bobby Weber. The next time Kris Hamann is in action in his Bank of Holland Charger entry, he will be a college graduate as he has just completed his degree at the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH).

Next Saturday, June 14th will be round one of the “Wildest Show on Wheels” as Carwarz Crash-A-Rama fueled by Kwik-Fill will be at the highbanks. The event will feature a $5000 to win Enduro (based on 100 cars), the popular School Bus Figure 8 race, Boat-Trailer race, Flag Pole race, Stock Roller Derby and a Demolition Derby. Pit Gates will open at 2:30pm while the Grandstands will open at 4:00pm sharp. The program will begin at 6:30pm. Fans are encouraged to stop by their area Kwik-Fill locations to pick up their tickets for this event to avoid standing in the lines at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex Box Office on race day.


Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Agency NASCAR Pro Modifieds: JAKE VERNON (Started 5th), Amy Catalano (3), Neal Dietz Jr (10), Jeff Brown ( 8 ), Tommy Catalano (6), Kevin Miller (2), Camden Barber (1), Brian Hoffman (14), Shawn Nye (11), Wilbur Hebing (9), Mike Fiebelkorn Jr (7), Tony Carbone (12), Joe Evans (4), and Bobby Martin (13)
Qualifying Winners: Jeff Brown, Mike Fiebelkorn Jr.

NASCAR Late Models: DAVE WHITTAKER (Started 3rd), Dave Heitzhaus (5), Troy Williams (2), Bobby Weber (7), Bill Osborn (1), Frank Batista Jr (4), JD Roberts (6), Ron Richter (9) and Jason Gwin ( 8 )
Qualifying Winner: Dave Whittaker

Bank of Holland NASCAR Chargers: DAVE WILSON JR (Started 8th), Ted Welshans (3), Dave Vona (4), Eric Brown (14), Tom Northem (13), Kris Hamann (10), Rob Miszczak (12), Jim Loffredo (11), Ken Maltby (5), Zach Myers (7), Nik Welshans (2), Tim Welshans (6), Don Sitarski (1), Jerry Kosmowski (15), Heather Weber (16), Matt Fleming (17) and Rich Carnes (9)
Qualifying Winners: Tom Northem, Jim Loffredo, Rob Miszczak

NYPA TQ Midgets: ANDY NYE (Started 8th), Jonathan Reid (10), Hayden Newcomb (5), Shawn Nye (9), Dave Wollaber (7), Eric Musto (1), Charlie DiRosa (2), Vinnie Christiano Jr (4), Chad Heywood (3), Nelson Rung (12), Nick Groff (11), Jim Fleischman (14), Kyle Hutchinson (6), Pat Smith (13) and Gordie Steffan (15)
Qualifying Winners: Hayden Newcomb, Andy Nye

NASCAR 4 Cylinder Hornets: LOUIS CARBONE (Started 6th), Bob Bogner (13), Ashley Kirchberger (17), George Anthony (9), Kenny Hejna (12), Butcher Palmer (2), Josh Hill (10), Carl Abrams II (7), Joe Mastrocicco III (4), Michele Maltby (15), John Blinston (18), Timmy Swatsworth (3), Grant Hill (1), Jeff Szafraniec (5), Robert Palmer ( 8), Don Haskell (14), Timmy Catalano (11) and Chris Powers (16)
Qualifying Winners: Kenny Hejna, Chris Powers, Louis Carbone

NASCAR Future 4’s: KATHIE RICKETSON (Started 3rd), Joe Anthony (4), Mandie Orr (2) and Alex Deshaies (1) Did Not Start: Darren Lenhardt
Qualifying Winner: Darren Lenhardt

M&M U Pull-It Figure 8’s: JASON ADAMS (Started 4th), Joe Mastrocicco (2), Don Haskell (1), Shane Toms (5), and Bob Palmer (3)