Hornet / Rookie Four's Rule Amendment

April 24, 2017 at 8:37 AM

2017 Holland International Speedway Rule Clarification

This bulletin supersedes any and/or all previously issues rules or specifications.


Amendment as of April 10, 2017

Advance Auto Parts Hornets and Rookie Fours

1. Competing Models

C. 54% Maximum left side weight including Driver

D. Weight: 2,100 lbs minimum overall weight for single overhead and 2,550 lbs minimum overall weight for dual overhead cam with Driver at completion of race. No adding of gas, oil, water, or any fluids to comply.

E. Competition Weight Equalization: After two Feature Wins, a minimum of 50 lbs may be added to current weight, and with every subsequent win, 25 pounds must be added for single overhead cam. 100 lbs may be added to a dual overhead cam after two feature wins, and 50 lbs after every subsequent win. Intent is to keep the division level with no dominant cars. Weight may be added only for the purpose of meeting specified total and/or left side weight.