Pro Modified Rule Clarification

June 01, 2017 at 1:51 PM


2017 Holland International Speedway Rule Clarification

This bulletin supersedes any and/or all previously issues rules or specifications.

Amendment as of June 1, 2017

Getzoni Nationwide Insurance Pro Modifieds


C. Tires: Procedures for tire testing will be as follows:

1: Tires will be checked randomly throughout the Pit Area  by track Tech Inspector with the track Durometer before Heat races.

2: 100% inspection of competitor’s tires with track Durometer in the “Chute” prior to Heat races.

3:  All tires will be marked with Holland International Speedway stencil and paint prior to heat races.

4: The same tires must be run in both the Heat and Feature races for all cars.

5: Immediately following the checkered flag, cars will be stopped on the back-straightaway and checked with the track Durometer, prior to exiting the track or entering Victory Lane.

6: Cars must take a direct and normal path on the track both to Victory Lane, and off the track through the pits to the Tech Garage area for inspections. No alternative path may be taken.

General Rules


C. If the track determines that the tires are illegal, the competitor has the right to post $300 protest fee.

D. A chemical test will be performed on the tire (s) in question, to determine compliance. The tire will not be returned.

E. If the tire is legal, then the $300 protest fee will be returned. If the tire is illegal there may be up to a $1,000 penalty, the loss of purse money, and a loss of 100 NASCAR Points. Additionally, a 1 week ban will be implaced. A second infraction during the same season, will result in a ban for the remainder of the year.